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Full Collection

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Get our full collection for a full ultimate Hair Care experience. 

Hair Smoothie 

Hair Smoothie is a fresh pre-poo mask made out of natural and fresh ingredients, to bring your hair back to life before washing it. A fluffy delicious cream that will magically melt into your hair, leaving it shiny, defined, nourished and strong. How to use : spray some water, detangle, apply the mask and let it dry for as long as you wish (minimum 30min), then proceed to shampoo. Keep in a cool and dry place or a refrigerator. 

Ingredients : olive oil, coconut oil, black castor oil, honey, banana, avocado, squeezed lemon, egg, lavender essential oil, rosemary essential oil, vitamine e. 

Fresh Foam

Fresh Foam is made out of fresh black soap paired with an extraordinary flower water and some light oils, to clean and refresh your scalp while maintaining its moisture and avoid any dandruff. The essential oils will give you a nice fresh feeling while invigorating your scalp for healthy hair growth and significantly less hair shedding. 

Ingredients : hibiscus infused rose water, black soap, sweet almond oil, apricot oil, vegetable glycerin, tea-tree essential oil, peppermint essential oil.

Get Your Hair Together

A hydrating and fortifying spray to use anytime your hair needs a little refreshment. No need to do too much, just press the trigger all over your head (don’t forget your ends!). This spray will Get Your Hair Together no matter if its out, styled, in dreadlocks, or else. It’s the perfect base for a any hairstyle and helps maintaining hydration while refreshing the scalp. No excuses, GYHT. 

Ingredients : water, black castor oil, grape seed oil, vegetable glycerin, Himalayan salt, rice protein. 

Cocoa Velvet 

Meet our rich and sexy butter cream ! Made out of all natural vegetable butters and oil, Cocoa Velvet is the multipurpose product suitable to everybody from baby to elders, basically the solution to your stresses. Dry and breaking hair ? Cocoa Velvet. Wants your beard to shine ? Cocoa Velvet. Your baby has irritations ? Cocoa Velvet. You burnt yourself ? Cocoa Velvet. Need a nice after sun body care ? COCOA VELVET… 

Ingredients : cocoa butter, shea butter, mango butter, coconut oil, sesame oil, sweet almond oil, vitamine e oil, vegetable glycerin, rice protein, vanilla essence, coffee essence.

Magic Oil 

This is the most rich and luxurious hair growth oil ever. Made out of an aromatic infusion, it’s a unique recipe inspired from our elder’s hair care and adapted to our lifestyle. Apply as frequently as you like, a little goes a long way. Works wonders for hair growth when applied to the scalp with a nice massage, and brings back to life any dead or split ends. This is a Magic concentrate for strong, full, growing and thriving Hair. 

Ingredients : coconut oil, sunflower oil, castor oil, henna powder, rose petals, castor seeds, aloe vera powder, alma powder, neem powder, Kapoor Kashli powder, hibiscus powder, fenugreek seeds, Peppermint essential oil (eo), Rosemary eo, Tea tree eo, Lavender eo, rose essence, vitamine e.



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